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Founded and located in Changchun National New Area, Changchun Medicside Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.(abbreviated as Medicside) constantly innovates and adopts advanced, even abrupt technologies to provide CRO services and total solutions to our customers in the fields of sophisticated medical equipments, microscope, industrial automation, instruments of military industry etc. Medicside also dedicates to the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of products of optics, mechanics, electrics and air, software, algorithm, microflow controlling, which are used in foresaid fields.

In the past tens of years, our professional team has provided CRO and R&D services and product solutions to lots of customers, most of which are fortune 500 corporations, multinational corporations, listed companies, leader companies in their domains and military corporations, whose products are applied widely in their special fields. Because of the adoption of our services and products, our customers' products gained high improvement and competitiveness in the technologies and capabilities, even beyond their competitors.

Medicside will provide high quality products and services to customers consistently, obeying to the concept of "Open innovation, pursue excellence".




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